Casino Royale

This book is pretty entertaining even though it’s fiction, you can pick up some great tips about how to gamble. You  just have to go into it with a single grain of wisdom that will contextualize all the mobile casino lessons James Bond teaches: For the love of money, never, EVER gamble like James Bond.

There, you just learned all the secrets that Ian Fleming knew about online baccarat casino usa and gambling. Just don’t do anything that you see James Bond doing, because the same guy writes what he does and what the casino does, and real life doesn’t work like that! 007, stylish as he is, tends to gamble like a drunken monkey, so seriously just don’t do it. But we do recommend that you suit up for the casino, even though everyone else is in flip-flops.

As for the actual story, we enjoyed James Bond’s unlikely and freakishly stylish adventures in this charming and slightly ethnic-slurry cold war novel. Fleming was a pulp writer no doubt, but he was a brilliant one, completely devoted to giving the reader a good time without worrying about things like plot, story or character development.

It made us want to dress up, go gambling at a fancy casino and be fussy about how our  martinis are prepared.