Casino Reading started as a few friends who liked to gamble together and read together. Eventually, we started branching out and trying to find a great title to really capture what gambling meant to us. We started reading all sorts of books about gambling and discussing how these books affected our game. Not only did we approach the casino differently when we read the way they operate from the inside, and understood a little bit more about how the general public views gamblers and gambling as something both glamorous and somewhat seedy.

These different aspects of interest ended up in quite a collection of gambling books between us, and as we started to gamble better and read more, we decided to share our reviews with the world as we were sure that other people must also find casino reading a pleasurable activity!

We’re glad anyone would want to read our little ramblings, because we believe that through the application of research and imagination, every activity can be made more fruitful, and gambling is no exception. Not only with the more strategic  games like poker and blackjack, but with the casino staples that everyone plays such as slots and roulette, there’s something to be learned to make your game better. In our reviews we not only give our impression of the books, but also discuss how the book can help you up your game. You’re welcome!

Yours In Winning,

The Casino Reading Team