Bringing Down The House

Bringing Down The HouseThis is a true story told in such a dry and boring style, you know it’s true. This book is great if you want to fall asleep quickly after having eight cups of coffee because you had to stay up late to write a book review. otherwise, you should just visit Canada’s online casino if you are looking to be entertained.

Anyway. Down to the story: Kevin Lewis is a reckless MIT student who wants a little thrill in is life, and he finds it when he stumbles into a sexy little crime ring run by a professor who hopefully looks a lot like Kevin Spacey. We know you have to cast Kevin Spacey into every book you read, but this time it’s easier because he was in the movie, 21, based on this book, but with sexier people.

The book tells the story of Kevin and his descent into the crazy world of scamming casinos – well, not scamming so much as outsmarting them – by creating a complicated ruse to beat the blackjack tables. Instead of one person card counting and being super obvious about it when the good times come, putting down hectic bets after previously only betting timidly, one person would sit at the table counting, then signal to someone else to come over when it was time to make a the big bets.

Pretty smart system until everyone got greedy and the book got really boring so I never finished it. Sorry. I’m going to bed now.

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