Everything Casino Gambling Book

The Everything Casino Gambling BookThis is a pretty cool book to give your dumb teenager who announces they’re going to drop out of high school and become a professional gambler. Also, you should probably tell that kid of yours that playing Zynga Poker isn’t the same as gambling in the real world  – you can’t sell your facebook farm’s crops for more money, for example.

But give them this book too, because it’s a great cover of how casinos work, what the house edge is and how gamblers tend to think. Let’s not forget the beautiful explanations of how every single game on the Top 10 no deposit bonus casino works, as well as what the best strategies are for every game. From Baccarat to Bingo, every game is here and you get to read an informed opinion on how the casinos really make money. Hopefully seeing the huge volume will discourage your teen from making any rash decisions, and will persuade them to get that sound engineering certificate so  they can be a trance house DJ.

We don’t think you should read this book cover to cover because come on, there won’t be a pop quiz on Thursday about the contents. Rather keep it as  a desk reference, a sort of encyclopedia of gambling that you can always come back to if you’re not sure how that obscure bet in Craps works, or how you ended up in that Las Vegas casino for three days straight while forgetting to sleep.

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