Connecticut Lottery Commission May Offer Keno

As a part of the on-going state debate to allow tribal casinos near state’s borders to bring in more revenues, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation has presented proposal to offer Keno within the state. The Corporation’s president stated that though the state lottery is financially strong its contribution to state exchequer is likely to fall from $312 million that was earned in 2014 to less than that in 2015 due to drop in sales of Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. If Keno is offered as a part of its gaming operations then the state revenue can be protected instead of getting drained out by gambling facilities operating in neighbouring states Massachusetts and New York.

Why Keno is being projected as a revenue earner

Connecticut Lottery CommissionThe Connecticut Lottery Commission is keen on introducing Keno as it provides a better option to increase revenues in the state when compared to bringing in tribal casinos close to state boundaries which will have a negative impact. Introduction of Keno will help in retaining existing revenues of 319 million which will grow with Keno revenue amounting to $25 million in the first year. Since Keno will be offered by 3000 retailers along with 600 new retailers like bars and restaurants, it has the potential to bring in $50 million in second year followed by 70 million in third year and more in following years.

Future of gambling in Connecticut

The Committee’s co-chairman stated that the state lottery already provides enough revenue which is way above combined revenues of tribal casinos Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resorts Casino. Though Keno was likely to be introduced in 2013, the proposal was put on hold due to pressure from social organisations. However, now the proposal has been put forward again to bring Keno by Lottery Commission, though another proposal is also being considered. The second proposal before Senate, which if approved, will allow tribal casinos to open up three satellite casinos that will be jointly owned by Mashantucket Pequots and Mohegans.