Casino eBooks

The casino books we review are picked from everywhere: from the bestsellers lists to the half-off bin at our local second hand bookshop. Check out the reviews we’ve done so far, and remember that if you’ve got a great title you think we should read, contact us and let us know!

Bringing Down The House

This true story gambling classic was turned into the successful film 21 starring Kevin Spacey and probably a few other people. It tells the story of a group of MIT students who go to Vegas to pull off an incredibly clever scam – um, we mean – wait yeah it was a scam. But you’re on their side anyway. Because whose side are you going to be on? The casino’s? Read More Here

Casino Royale

Yeah, the James Bond novel. Before Daniel Craig did a backflip from a Lamborghini into a teleporting helicopter or whatever, Ian Fleming wrote the first James Bond novel titled Casino Royale. There are no teleporting helicopters in this, but there weren’t any in the movie anyways so we don’t know why you’re disappointed. Read More Here

The Everything Gambling Book

Llike its name suggests, is an instructional book about how to gamble and most importantly what not to do. We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of useful information here, but disappointed at the lack of teleporting helicopters in this one either. All we want is a casino book with teleporting helicopters. Is that too much to ask?! Read More Here

If you’ve got a book that you want us to review, Contact us and let us know!