UK Gambling Commission Targets Illegal Poker Clubs

Illegal poker clubs throughout the UK are being targeted by the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission. The purpose of this operation is to cut down on the number of illegal places where poker games take place on a daily basis. The Gambling Act of 2005 ensures that members clubs are allowed to have poker games, but there are strict restrictions on the criteria, prize money, stakes, entry fees, and amount of players.

poker club

Three clubs have already been stopped from running poker games, because they failed to obey the current laws. Palms of Enfield, Fifth Street Card Club and Royal Surrey Social Club have been closed down. Most of these places are shut down because the extent of their games, and the money being wagered, far exceeds the legal limits for such establishments.

Ten clubs have been closed down since July 2012, when the crackdown began, including the famous International Private Members Clubs. Each of these organizations is allowed to apply for a poker license, and become a legitimate poker club. However, they seek to hold games and play without restrictions despite not obtaining the license, which is frowned on by the government.

Nick Tofiluk, Director of these operations, said that the closures since 2012 show that authorities are determined to crack down on illegal gambling areas. It does not matter how expensive, established or famous the club may be.

The key to this venture is enlisting the help of local authorities. By keeping their eyes and ears open to any illegal activity from members clubs, they can ensure that the government’s gambling commission is well informed.

Gambling licenses are expensive, which is why most clubs try to avoid them. Obtaining those licenses would involve charging their members higher monthly fees, which would lead to terminations and further loss of business. Too many pubs, clubs, restaurants and internet cafes allow high stakes poker to be played on their premises, and it is up to the government to crack down on such establishments.

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