Mini Baccarat Case Ruled in Favour of Golden Nugget

baccarat tableThe long winding legal game that was being fought by Atlantic City-based Golden Nugget has at last been ruled in its favour. It got back $1.5 million, which was won by four players in 2012. The legal battle that began in 2012 was finally put to an end as Donna Taylor, the State Superior Court Judge stated that all the 14 players would have to return the prize money to the casino hotel as it was against state gaming laws. The situation revolved around a game of baccarat when a group of gamblers noticed that there was a new stack of cards on the table.

Series of events

The cards were being dealt in such a manner that a card repeated itself after 15 hands. By studying this mechanism they were able to gauge, which card would be dealt with next and simultaneously raised their bets to $500 each. Soon they managed to win $1.5 million together by winning 41 hands in a row. The casino had started paying out the winning amounts to the players and had paid out more than $500,000 before it realised that it was being cheated and called the local police along with the DGE. The first court ruled in favour of the gamblers as the error was made by card maker Gemanco and these gamblers could not be blamed for the situation. However, Golden Nugget casino appealed in higher court.

Basis of new court verdict

The ruling was given in favour of the casino as; the card dealer did not follow the mandatory task of pre-shuffling cards before commencement of play, which allowed the players to use this as an unfair advantage to make their win. The mini baccarat played out was not a game of chance and the players have to refund the $500,000 given by casino, while it has to return the original stakes made by the gamblers.