Man Wins Landmark Jackpot Because of Insistent Wife

Harold Diamond, a retired elementary school principal, recently nabbed a £215 million jackpot because his wife was being a backseat driver.

Waiting For The Weather To Clear

Harold DiamondThe day was stormy and foul, and while 80-year-old Diamond and his wife were driving carefully down the highway, she implored him to pull over until the rain stopped. Diamond admitted to being grumpy at the prospect, but he didn’t want to upset her, so they decided to pull over and have lunch.

“My Wife Insisted We Stop”

While enjoying their meal and waiting for the rain to clear, Diamond happened to notice the blinking lights of a Mega Millions sign at a nearby highway service center. He spent $10 on Quick Pick numbers just for the sheer fun of it. Unbeknownst to him, some of these numbers were the jackpot winners.

Diamond, however, didn’t wait for the results with baited breath. He put the ticket in his pocket and thought nothing of it.

Cashing In On The Prize

According to Diamond, he didn’t even realize his win until he was golfing with friends the next day. The men were discussing the winning ticket, one that had been bought at the same highway station where he’d been dining the night before. He checked his wallet, and sure enough, his ticket was the golden one. The crumpled little paper was worth $326 million (£214 million), the biggest jackpot in New York history.

Plans For The Future

Diamond has accepted his winnings in the form of a lump sum payout. After taxes, he’ll take home £114 million.

As for what he plans to do with his winnings, Diamond says he wants to give back to the community and the school that once employed him. He’s also considering a trip with his wife, the woman who technically earned him all his money.

“I have to thank her with both barrels because if it weren’t for her insistence, we would not be here today,” he chuckled.