Indian Police Ignoring Elite Gambling Rings?

The city of Nagpur in India has become famous for its gambling obsession. In recent years, there has been a huge rise in the number of gambling rings in the city. While a lot of the smaller rings have been broken up, the police seems to turn a blind eye to reports of elite gambling rings.

poker chipsMost of the famous sites where celebrities, socialites and rich Nagpur residents party and gather have been noted for their increase in gambling activity. However, there have been next to no reports of police busts or investigations. One source had this to say on the matter: “There has been a huge rise in gambling among people of the highest class in Nagpur. Gambling used to be something for lower classes, mostly on cricket, but it has reached high levels among Indian socialites.”

Card games, usually blackjack, poker and craps; have taken off in India over the past five years. People have started setting up elite gambling clubs and rooms, with high buy ins and huge winning prizes.

There was news of a raid by the police at a poker group in one of the city’s most illustrious hotels. While that poker room was broken up, no charges have been filed against any of the participants. The same police members that are happy to squeeze as hard as possible against petty gambling criminals will turn a blind eye when the rich and famous engage in these activities.

The police source had a final word on this issue: “It is clear to everyone in Nagpur that if you are rich, famous or come from a famous family, no one is going to touch you. Gambling is completely acceptable to the police as long as the people betting are wealthy. If someone takes a bet on India’s next cricket match on the street, chances are he will be arrested. But if you open an exclusive poker room somewhere in Nagpur, no one will bother you.”