The Competing Lotto

The best wagering games are the ones that pay out big for very little investment. In these terms, players in the United Gamble-OnlineKingdom have hit the jackpot with the Health Lottery Draw. Being hosted by Coral Lotto, this opportunity allows players the chance to win one million pounds in exchange for only one pound to enter the contest. Richard Desmond is the owner of the Health Lottery in addition to the Northern and Shell media group. This organization oversees the the Daily Star, Daily Express, and OK Magazine. While the new potential winning is drawing players in like never before, the drawings failed to compete with the National UK Lottery jackpots in the past. Prior to raising the stakes, the Health Lottery Drawing only offered players a grand prize of 100,000 pounds.

Winners All Around

This lottery works based on a 50-number platform from which five digits are taken in addition to a bonus number. When players have all five numbers correct in addition to the bonus ball, the one million pounds are theirs to claim. Missing the big prize does not leave players empty handed, however. Players can also take home some considerable cash with the following combinations: 10 pounds awarded for two correct numbers, 20 for three, and 100,000 pounds for five correct numbers without a bonus.

Big Money, Big Promotions

The new promotion for this lottery by Coral is being promoted using many different approaches that include television spots along with billboards and outdoor advertisements of a massive scope. The ads heavily emphasize the fact that buying in on the fun only costs players one pound. The National U.K. Lottery, on the other hand, is costing people two pounds to test their luck. Players also have the ability to buy tickets at physical Coral locations or by going online to The money that is being collected by Coral is not purely going towards their own profits. A considerable portion of the revenue is going to good causes around the nation. There is also a unique aspect to this lottery that differs from others in the United Kingdom. Players are not actually buying into the drawing itself, however, their changes to win are good when you look at the odds. Coral has chosen to take this approach due to regulatory concerns in the region.