Australia All Set to Bet Against Offshore Gambling Operators

Australian gamblingAustralia is a dream for world’s leading gambling operators. Residents of the nation gamble through a number of well known online gambling companies like Betspin Casino, Guts Casino and Casino Mate. There are dark clouds, however, for these companies in the offing. The Australian government is all set to change the present online gambling legislation by Christmas 2015.

Non-existent legislative concerns

The rationale of such an action by the government is that gambling operators operating offshore have freedom to target Australians sans any legislative concerns. Nick Xenophon, a Senator famously compared the present 2001 made legislation to a legislation made 140 years back. The minister of social services, Scott Morrison, have been opted to do a due review of the 2001 era Interactive Gambling Act.

Morrison has tried to allay the concerns articulated by the offshore gambling operators when he elaborated that his government has started this review with no “preconceived ideas”The minister also assured the operators that the contemporary administration will act honourably all through the process. In contrast, Senator Xenophon seems to have already taken a decision, with him drafting a changed legislation which will demand a complete ban to be enforced on gambling marketing and in-play betting during sports events.

Protecting companies

About two years before, in 2013, a review into 2001 legislation found out that the issue of in-play betting can be legalised with respect to sporting events outcomes. No subsequent action, however, was taken post the publication of the 2013 review. It seemed that offshore operators will determine future of the action of in-play betting. The social services minister has outlined that he will tap insights of international regulators and also gambling operators prior to determine the new legislation by end 2015. The most possible outcome at this point of time is that gamblers can protect themselves through the self-exclusion register created at the national level.

Gambling Problems Rampant Among Construction Workers in Australia

gambling machinesA recent research study by Australia’s National University regarding the behaviour of construction workers in remote areas, found that a large percent of the workers were problem gamblers. In researcher Bruce Doran’s study, nearly eleven percent of these mobile workers at Queensland had gambling problems as they usually worked in remote locations around the nation away from family members. The study revealed that this gambling problem was aggravated by social and physical isolation that these mobile workers faced in alien surroundings. It is disturbing to note that this isolation is resulting in their financial ruin and making money for casinos and government as poker machines pay around $3 billion in taxes every year.

Gaming and entertainment

In Australia’s there are more than million gaming machines and the largest concentration is in Northern Territory. This is largely due to concentration of FIFO workers in the area that has led to growth of pubs and clubs along with poker machines. Gaming Minster of Northern Territory Peter Styles stated that, these machines provide entertainment and relaxation for fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers so the pubs in this area can now have 20 poker machines while clubs can have 55 machines per venue. This law is expected to create fair business zone for operators that were unable to have more machines at their venue due to government cap.

Dangers of expanding gambling machines

Researcher Bruce Doran considers this addition as a greater risk for workers as it will make them more prone to gambling. These pubs and clubs are socializing zones for construction and mine workers where the meet to discuss work or to get tips on finding work after project completion. The study has revealed a disturbing fact that these problem gamblers sometimes spend their entire week’s pay on a few hours of gambling. It also made an encouraging find that these workers avoid gambling when they are involved in a romantic relationship.

Australian Investors Optimistic about Macau’s Future

One of Australia’s most famous investors recently decided to invest in a number of Macau casinos. James Packer, an Australian billionaire, believes that the Macau gaming industry can reverse the downward revenue trend posted by many of the island’s casinos during the past few years.

James PackerThe Australian investor argues that one of the reasons why Macau’s gambling revenue is down is that anti-corruption authorities from China cracked down on many casinos that were operating sports betting rings. In turn, Packer says, this crackdown on gray area betting rings scared away more conventional gamblers who visit Macau on business trips or vacations.

According to James Packer, who is also the chairman of Crown Resorts, Macau is still one of the world’s biggest gambling hubs. Packer’s confidence has attracted the attention of investors at Goldman Sachs. Shareholders who work for Goldman have decided to invest heavily in Crown’s expansion in the Macau casino market.

Other Reasons for Macau’s Sluggish Revenue Streams

Besides China’s anti-corruption campaign in Macau, economists believe that Macau’s casinos have struggled for other reasons. First of all, many of Macau’s most popular gambling complexes implemented a smoking ban. This ban forced cigarette smokers to gamble elsewhere.

Another factor behind Macau’s downturn was that the Chinese economy has slowed down in recent years. Gambling analysts suggest that smaller revenues in Macau can be directly linked to the stagnant growth of China’s economy.

Investors are Optimistic about Macau’s Future

Despite Macau’s recent struggles, James Packer and other Australian investors remain optimistic about Macau’s long-term growth. Dion Hershan, an equities executive at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, believes that the key to unlocking Macau’s true potential is attracting Chinese tourists from the mainland.

Commission Okays Blackjack Dealers to Draw 17

Maryland gambling regulators assented to the request of casinos allowing blackjack dealers of drawing a card on hand popularly known as “soft 17”. This change will give advantage to the house and thus generate bigger revenue. This change was made after a voice vote held at the monthly meeting of Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission endorsed it. It needs to be approved by the Joint committee of the General Assembly on Administrative, Legislative and Executive Review.

For players

BlackjackThis was however, not the case in 2014, when the staff at gaming control rejected the request made by the casinos to permit dealers to “hit” the soft 17. This is a hand which adds up to 17, inclusive of an ace counted as either 1 or 11. There is no requirement to stand pat.

When it comes to blackjack, the players strive for a higher score than dealer without exceeding 21. In Maryland casinos, dealers must draw card at 16. They can also draw less. With this present ruling, dealers can stand at 17s. No such restrictions are imposed on players.

Playing the game

It is well-known that in a casino environment, blackjacks are the most amenable game to players with the house giving a minuscule advantage for any player applying fundamental strategy. Maryland itself is considered amenable to players. To give an example, casinos in the state pay a 3 to 2 on blackjack. This happens when any player reaches perfect 21 by taking an ace and also a 10-value card. It means a $10 bet makes $15. A few casinos in states except Maryland offer 6 to 5 blackjack payouts.

According to Charles LaBoy, assistant director of the state gaming authority, allowing dealers to hit 17 will raise the advantage of the house by approximately 0.2 percent. Casinos enjoy increased flexibility to manage floors.

Connecticut Lottery Commission May Offer Keno

As a part of the on-going state debate to allow tribal casinos near state’s borders to bring in more revenues, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation has presented proposal to offer Keno within the state. The Corporation’s president stated that though the state lottery is financially strong its contribution to state exchequer is likely to fall from $312 million that was earned in 2014 to less than that in 2015 due to drop in sales of Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. If Keno is offered as a part of its gaming operations then the state revenue can be protected instead of getting drained out by gambling facilities operating in neighbouring states Massachusetts and New York.

Why Keno is being projected as a revenue earner

Connecticut Lottery CommissionThe Connecticut Lottery Commission is keen on introducing Keno as it provides a better option to increase revenues in the state when compared to bringing in tribal casinos close to state boundaries which will have a negative impact. Introduction of Keno will help in retaining existing revenues of 319 million which will grow with Keno revenue amounting to $25 million in the first year. Since Keno will be offered by 3000 retailers along with 600 new retailers like bars and restaurants, it has the potential to bring in $50 million in second year followed by 70 million in third year and more in following years.

Future of gambling in Connecticut

The Committee’s co-chairman stated that the state lottery already provides enough revenue which is way above combined revenues of tribal casinos Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resorts Casino. Though Keno was likely to be introduced in 2013, the proposal was put on hold due to pressure from social organisations. However, now the proposal has been put forward again to bring Keno by Lottery Commission, though another proposal is also being considered. The second proposal before Senate, which if approved, will allow tribal casinos to open up three satellite casinos that will be jointly owned by Mashantucket Pequots and Mohegans.

Mini Baccarat Case Ruled in Favour of Golden Nugget

baccarat tableThe long winding legal game that was being fought by Atlantic City-based Golden Nugget has at last been ruled in its favour. It got back $1.5 million, which was won by four players in 2012. The legal battle that began in 2012 was finally put to an end as Donna Taylor, the State Superior Court Judge stated that all the 14 players would have to return the prize money to the casino hotel as it was against state gaming laws. The situation revolved around a game of baccarat when a group of gamblers noticed that there was a new stack of cards on the table.

Series of events

The cards were being dealt in such a manner that a card repeated itself after 15 hands. By studying this mechanism they were able to gauge, which card would be dealt with next and simultaneously raised their bets to $500 each. Soon they managed to win $1.5 million together by winning 41 hands in a row. The casino had started paying out the winning amounts to the players and had paid out more than $500,000 before it realised that it was being cheated and called the local police along with the DGE. The first court ruled in favour of the gamblers as the error was made by card maker Gemanco and these gamblers could not be blamed for the situation. However, Golden Nugget casino appealed in higher court.

Basis of new court verdict

The ruling was given in favour of the casino as; the card dealer did not follow the mandatory task of pre-shuffling cards before commencement of play, which allowed the players to use this as an unfair advantage to make their win. The mini baccarat played out was not a game of chance and the players have to refund the $500,000 given by casino, while it has to return the original stakes made by the gamblers.

Man Wins Landmark Jackpot Because of Insistent Wife

Harold Diamond, a retired elementary school principal, recently nabbed a £215 million jackpot because his wife was being a backseat driver.

Waiting For The Weather To Clear

Harold DiamondThe day was stormy and foul, and while 80-year-old Diamond and his wife were driving carefully down the highway, she implored him to pull over until the rain stopped. Diamond admitted to being grumpy at the prospect, but he didn’t want to upset her, so they decided to pull over and have lunch.

“My Wife Insisted We Stop”

While enjoying their meal and waiting for the rain to clear, Diamond happened to notice the blinking lights of a Mega Millions sign at a nearby highway service center. He spent $10 on Quick Pick numbers just for the sheer fun of it. Unbeknownst to him, some of these numbers were the jackpot winners.

Diamond, however, didn’t wait for the results with baited breath. He put the ticket in his pocket and thought nothing of it.

Cashing In On The Prize

According to Diamond, he didn’t even realize his win until he was golfing with friends the next day. The men were discussing the winning ticket, one that had been bought at the same highway station where he’d been dining the night before. He checked his wallet, and sure enough, his ticket was the golden one. The crumpled little paper was worth $326 million (£214 million), the biggest jackpot in New York history.

Plans For The Future

Diamond has accepted his winnings in the form of a lump sum payout. After taxes, he’ll take home £114 million.

As for what he plans to do with his winnings, Diamond says he wants to give back to the community and the school that once employed him. He’s also considering a trip with his wife, the woman who technically earned him all his money.

“I have to thank her with both barrels because if it weren’t for her insistence, we would not be here today,” he chuckled.

21 Dukes Launches New Tournaments for the New Year

The New Year is off to a great start at 21 Dukes, an online casino complete with exclusive tournaments that both old and new gaming fans will love. These new tournaments have been designed with the interests of serious players in mind. Three special events during January provide the perfect incentive to keep visiting the casino’s website to see what’s new.

21DukesThe Road to Rio Raffle is open from January 1 through 31. This trip for two includes the finest five-star accommodations and tickets to Carnival, one of the most exciting events in Rio. The best part about this giveaway is the $2,000 in spending money winners get. The trip is the ideal type of winter getaway that many people want.

Sports fans have something special in store for them from January 1 through 18. The lucky winners gets two tickets to football’s biggest event of the year. All of the hotel and transportation expenses are part of the prize. Football fans will enjoy the opportunity to get to this event that is otherwise difficult to get tickets to.

One of the events that players look forward to the most is the Hi-Tech Vision Tournament. The tournament runs from January 19 through 31. The top ten participants will get a pair of Google Glasses, making this one of the most exciting tournaments offered at an online casino. Many players have expressed interest in this tournament after hearing about it.

Players enjoy visiting 21 Dukes because of the regular tournaments and promotions, particularly any games that feature live dealers. Cash back bonuses provide good incentives for new players to try out the slots and other games that are available. This downloadable casino option offers a playing experience that users around the world may use to enjoy the excitement of gaming without leaving home.

Combining Two Exciting Interests – Casino Gambling and Films

If you are a film and gambling buff, then watching good gambling movies is probably equal to being in heaven for you. Here is a list of films based on gambling, which you should not miss if you love casinos.

Top casino movies of all times

21_movieHere is your listing of the top English movies about gambling and casinos ever made.

  • Casino

This 1995 masterpiece by Martin Scorsese, deals with the strained relationship between the criminal Mafia bosses of casinos and their Las Vegas casinos in the early 1970s. Everything from the direction, to casting to script blends in just right to get this movie to the top of the list.

  • Rounders

It stars a young Matt Damon bullied by a crazy Russian that was released in 1998. It is the story of a young upstart who fails on his luck and his journey bouncing back from it. The film makes it to list simply for the brilliant performances of its actors.

  • Casino Royale

The Bond movie starring Daniel Craig was released in 2006, marking the comeback for the Bond series. It is probably the best Bond movie ever, and gets a high ranking on the list of best action flicks. It makes it to the list for its absolutely thrilling high stakes Poker between Bond and a terrorist banker.

  • Rain Man

This gambling movie released in 1988 is probably one of the most loved gambling movies, almost becoming a classic. An autistic introvert making it big in gambling by counting cards is as brilliant as a movie plot gets.

  • The Cincinnati Kid

This is an old Poker movie, released way back in 1965, which will definitely motivate the hidden casino lover in you. It will let you experience the thrilling last minutes of a high stakes poker game and have you at the edge of your seat.

The other movies that make this coveted list are Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Gambler, Croupier, Owning Mahowny, and Hard Eight. There is a good chance you might have watched all these films by now if you are a movie and gambling enthusiast, but if you have not, then go watch these gems right away!

Indian Police Ignoring Elite Gambling Rings?

The city of Nagpur in India has become famous for its gambling obsession. In recent years, there has been a huge rise in the number of gambling rings in the city. While a lot of the smaller rings have been broken up, the police seems to turn a blind eye to reports of elite gambling rings.

poker chipsMost of the famous sites where celebrities, socialites and rich Nagpur residents party and gather have been noted for their increase in gambling activity. However, there have been next to no reports of police busts or investigations. One source had this to say on the matter: “There has been a huge rise in gambling among people of the highest class in Nagpur. Gambling used to be something for lower classes, mostly on cricket, but it has reached high levels among Indian socialites.”

Card games, usually blackjack, poker and craps; have taken off in India over the past five years. People have started setting up elite gambling clubs and rooms, with high buy ins and huge winning prizes.

There was news of a raid by the police at a poker group in one of the city’s most illustrious hotels. While that poker room was broken up, no charges have been filed against any of the participants. The same police members that are happy to squeeze as hard as possible against petty gambling criminals will turn a blind eye when the rich and famous engage in these activities.

The police source had a final word on this issue: “It is clear to everyone in Nagpur that if you are rich, famous or come from a famous family, no one is going to touch you. Gambling is completely acceptable to the police as long as the people betting are wealthy. If someone takes a bet on India’s next cricket match on the street, chances are he will be arrested. But if you open an exclusive poker room somewhere in Nagpur, no one will bother you.”